Texas Chainsaw Reboot - movie news

We’ve made no secret here at reelhorrorshow about our attitude toward reboots & remakes in that generally, we’re not fans. Sure, there are a few exceptions that we really enjoy, The Fly, The Thing, Hills Have Eyes, but usually, they just feel like pointless cash-grabs.

Horrible, soulless things that didn’t need to be remade, rebooted, re-imagined on any other variation of words beginning with, “re.”

How about ‘regurgitated?’ That seems accurate for whatever tired nonsense is vomited out onto our screen again and again.

I’ll admit that’s pretty negative considering there is very little known about the new Texas Chainsaw reboot, but it’s not directed toward this announcement in particular, it's just my automatic response toward reboots in general.

Texas Chainsaw has already been remade in the form of the 2003 movie by Marcus Nispel that starred Jessica Biel, which then spawned a pre-sequel in the form of 2006’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

After that, we had Texas Chainsaw 3D in 2013, a direct sequel to the original film, followed by Leatherface in 2017, a film that decided to tell the origin story of, well, Leatherface.

Anyhow, Texas Chainsaw has already been messed around and tampered with too many times and now it’s going to happen again.

So far the film is in very early stages as it is still only in the writing process, with Chris Thomas Devlin taking up the writing duties. The film is being produced by Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breath & the 2013 reboot of Evil Dead ) for Legendary. Alverez isn’t going to be directing though, so it will be interesting to see who takes the helm on the project.

Love them or hate them, horror remakes are here to stay and with the recent success of reboots such as IT and Halloween, maybe the time is right to hear the roar of the saw once more.

I will remain sceptical having been disappointed too many times by lacklustre reboots, but at the same time, I’ll keep an open mind as there is always a chance that the film will be a surprise hit.

No matter what happens though, we’ll be keeping an eye out and will bring you more news as we hear it.