Terrifier 2 - The trailer is here and we love it.

Terrifier was a huge hit with us here at reelhorrorshow. Not only for the amount of gory, old-school horror that it delivered. But also because it gave us a great villain in the form of Art the Clown.

Art originally made his appearance in All Hallows Eve, where he was played by Mike Giannelli. After that, the silent psycho was played by David Howard Thornton in Terrifier.

What makes Art so damn entertaining is the fact that he is a silent character. So, rather than pithy one-liners or jocular quips, everything comes from his actions. And they do say that actions speak louder than words. So it’s a good job that Art has physical presence oozing from him.

Whether he’s hacksawing someone in half, or just hanging out in his local pizzeria; he has a mesmerising quality that hasn’t been portrayed in a movie villain for quite some time.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, he is a horrible bastard, but you can’t help but be entertained at his little gestures and mannerisms. Those, combined with his make-up and the near-permanent rictus plastered on his face all go towards making a truly great, and memorable, villain.

No matter how entertaining the antagonist is though, he’s nothing without a great movie. Fortunately, Terrifier 2 looks to be exactly that. I must have watched the trailer half a dozen times now already and I’m as entertained on my 12th viewing as I was on the 1st.

As with the previous film (and All Hallows Eve), Terrifier 2 is written and direct by Damien Leone – along with him doing a whole host of other tasks including handling effects and editing.

The trailer looks great and we here at reelhorrorshow, can’t wait to feast our eyes on the finished movie once it’s released.

To watch the trailer, simply follow this link:

In addition; we had the pleasure of interviewing Art the clown himself, David Howard Thornton last December. If you want to read what he had to tell us, then you can find that here: