Red Letter Day 2019 - news and trailer.

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

This 1950's horror-comic poster art for the movie is fantastic.

The trailer for Red Letter Day from Epic Pictures Group has arrived and it’s looking pretty good.

The film is about recently divorced mum, Melanie Edwards (Dawn Van de Schoot – Ice Blue) and her two teenage children, Madison (Hailey Foss) and Timothy (Kaeleb Zain Gartner).

The family are adjusting to their new life in your typical quiet suburban town. That peace and quiet are shattered after everyone receives a red envelope and letter, containing instructions on killing a member of the neighbourhood. The bloodshed begins and the family must decide on how to protect each other as madness and murder descend on the once quiet community.

The movie is written and directed by Cameron Macgowan who is taking his first step from short films to a full-length feature. He has previously worked as a manager on shows such as Heartland and Wynnona Earp and he is also a lead programmer with the Calgary Film Festival, so it should be safe to say that he knows a thing or two about the movie-making process.

The film has been doing the festival rounds since March and is now gearing up for a more widespread release with it being available for pre-order in the US on Blu-ray and on i-tunes with a release date of November 5th.

In the meantime here a link for the official trailer:

And if you fancy getting it pre-ordered you can go to the Epic Pictures site and get yourself ready for some slaughtering and skirmishing in the suburbs: