News. Wolf Creek 3? Please, Take Our Money...

The man in the hat is coming back. No, I don’t mean Indiana Jones (although that’s cool too).

It’s been almost four years since we last saw Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) slice and dice his way across the Australian Outback in the exceptional Wolf Creek series, second season, and that’s four years too long.

Roughly a year ago, Jarratt posted to social media that we would not only be getting a third season, but a third movie too, and it looks like the movie is coming first.

There are a few changes this time around, as part three won’t be written or directed by franchise creator Greg McLean. Instead, the torch has been passed to Rachele Wiggins, who will make her directing debut with Wolf Creek 3, while script duties go to Duncan Samarasinghe. McLean, however, will be staying on as producer.

McLean had this to say about the upcoming sequel…

“Serial killing pig shooter Mick Taylor –

portrayed by the iconic Australian actor

John Jarratt – will once more terrorise

the Outback. And we couldn’t be more

excited about the creative team we’ve

assembled to realise the next chilling

chapter in the Wolf Creek franchise.

Duncan’s compelling, suspense-filled

script combined with Rachele’s exciting

directorial vision for the film will deliver a

horror roller-coaster ride sure to delight

genre fans around the world.”

Little is known about the plot yet, other than it involves an American family on vacation, who find themselves hunted by the Aussie madman.

There is no word on a release date yet, but we at reelhorrorshow can’t wait for another bout with Australia’s razor-tongued, head-on-a stick-making psychopath.