Movie News - Crepitus

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Things have gone weird over here at reelhorrorshow central. We’ve only just reviewed indie flick Big Top Evil, that features killer clowns and Bill Moseley, but then we get our first look at the upcoming Crepitus, a film that features not only a killer clown but also, Bill Moseley.

It’s almost like we’re trapped in some strange parallel world populated solely by clowns and Bill Moseley. Which is fine with us. But what if someone really combined the two? What if we had Bill Moseley as a murderous clown? Now you’re talking.

Crepitus is about a 17-year-old girl named Elizabeth (Caitlin Williams) and her younger sister Sam (Chalet Lizette Brannan – Dystopia, Vengeance) who run away from home after having had enough of living with their abusive, alcoholic mother, Brandi (Eve Mauro – The Steam Experiment, Dystopia). The two runaways decide to hole-up at the house that belonged to their, now deceased, Grandfather. Whilst there, they find out some rather unpleasant things about their family history and have to contend with the fact that the house is also haunted. And if ghosts weren’t bad enough, there’s Crepitus himself. A cannibalistic clown who likes to warn his victims of his intentions by saying, “your kid is a burden, your kid is a pest, your kid I will kill and consume like the rest!” That’s not his only rhyme, but you’ll have to click on the link (see below) for the red band trailer to see his other one which is deliciously fucked up.

Written by Eddie Renner, Sarah Renner and Haynze Whitmore and directed by Haynze Whitmore, Crepitus is looking pretty good so far. Sure, you can’t move for everyone and their mum putting a killer clown in their movie these days, but Crepitus looks to add something different to the mix. Not only that but we are just a little excited to see Bill Moseley as a cannibalistic clown because when Bill turns up the crazy, he turns it up all the way to eleven.

As crepitus is also a medical condition characterised by a creaking, grinding sensation of the joints, maybe there will be some creepy sound effects to coincide with the character itself and some strange disjointed movements? Whatever the case, we’re excited.

Sure, it’s a low budget indie flick, but as you may have noticed, we love low budget films. Their inventiveness within the constraints of their budget often brings out some surprises and it’s nice to see a lot of new names making their way into a feature-length release. This is writer/director Haynze Whitmore’s first full-length feature after having written and directed the short films Wade and Street Cleaner, and, this is also Caitlin Williams, first acting role so it will be interesting in seeing what she can do as well.

Crepitus has been doing the festival rounds since 2018 and won Best Feature at Spooky Empire 2018. We’ve been hearing good things about it and based on the trailer, it certainly looks pretty interesting and is one that we can’t wait to see.

There are plenty of trailers available for the movie so we’ve included a few of them here. If you wish to check out the original red band trailer, you can find it here:

And you can see the original festival trailer here:

Also, should you wish to find out more about the film, you can find the official website simply by clicking on this link:

The film is getting its debut at selected theatres across the US with a dvd release due to follow in December.

For more info you can follow the movie on the official Facebook page: