Movie News - Candyman 2020

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Will Tony Todd be inviting us to be his victim one more time?

 Last October , while attending MCM Comic Con in London, I had the pleasure of meeting horror legend Tony Todd. One of the subjects we discussed was the possibility of The Candyman returning for another screen outing and if so, would he be reprising the iconic role that he made famous in Bernard Rose’s 1992 original.

In case you have been living in a pop culture proof bubble for the last 27 years, Candyman is the Story of a Slave named Daniel Robitaille who, after falling in love with a landowners daughter is punish by her father by having his hand cut off before being covered with Honey and subsequently being stung to death by Bee’s, while the the town’s people watched, chanting “Candyman” over and over.

Almost a century later, the residents of Chicago’s, Cabrini Green project, one of the more undesirable areas of Chicago, are apparently falling victim to the legend of Candyman. The Myth goes that if you look in to a mirror and say his name five times, the Candyman will appear behind you and using a rusty hook that has replaced his sawn off hand, he would slice you from groin to gullet.

While researching for her University thesis on urban legends, student Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) learns of the myth of the Candyman and heads to Cabrini Green to investigate. A decision she soon comes to regret as some legends should remain buried.

Based on the Clive Barker story, The Forbidden, Candyman was a hit and gave horror fans a new, iconic villain they could root for, the same way they had rooted for Freddy and Jason a decade before. Two sequels, of diminishing quality, followed and then, nothing..

Hoping for some exciting tit-bit of information, Tony informed me that Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us) was interested in bringing the Candyman back from the dead. Being a fan of what Peele has accomplished in the horror genre so far, I found this to be a deliciously, tantalising, morsel of information. One that has since been revealed to be true. Tony wouldn’t say if he would be donning the hook one more time and for a while, on IMDB at least, it appeared that another actor would be taking up the mantle. That is until now..

While nothing solid from MGM has been confirmed, the website Bloody Disgusting recently revealed that they have heard from reliable sources that Todd could indeed be returning as the vengeful, character. Originally it was thought that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman) would be the new Candyman and that the film would be a spiritual sequel, but if rumours are true and Todd, does reprise his role then it will more likely be a direct sequel which is sure to excite fans more than a reboot or remake.  

The script for the film was written by Peele who will also act as producer. Nia Dacosta, best known for directing the series, Top Boy, is in the directors chair and filming started in August of this year.

Candyman is due in theatres, June 12th 2020 and we will bring more updates as they are revealed.