Medley of The Macabre. A New Horror Anthology From The Team Behind ReelHorrorShow.

Hello Kiddies. Your humble host, Lee, here.

When we created this website, it was to bring together two passions shared by myself and Mark Green (your shorter, balder, other, humble host.) Those two passions being writing and horror. It’s no big secret that we are both geeks and could sit and wax lyrical about horror movies until the cows came home.

While working to bring you up-to-date news and reviews, we have both also been busy building careers as writers of horror fiction. My first book, which was released January of this year, has been selling pretty well so far and has received great reviews, to which I’m both grateful and flattered. Mark is currently a busy bee, working away on his first solo novel.

In the meantime, we both bashed our heads together to produce an anthology novel of ten tales of gore and terror. Five written by Mark and five by me.

It’s been a lot of fun collaborating on this project. Mine and Marks writing styles are very different and this works in the books favour, keeping it fresh and interesting with each story.

We both worked tirelessly, bouncing story ideas off of each other, designing the layout of the book and proofreading each other's work to bring you a book that we are incredibly proud of.

Since starting reelhorrorshow, we have received a lot of support from you, the fans of the genre and from people involved in the world of horror, be they authors, actors or directors. You all know who you are and you all receive thanks in the book.

Below is a snippet of what can be found inside the pages of Medley of the Macabre as well as my first book, 232 Jericho Avenue.

Once again, if you have supported us in any way, purchased and read any of our books, or simply read the odd article or two on this site, we thank you.

Medley Of The Macabre By: Lee Richmond & Mark Green.

From the warped minds of horror authors, Lee Richmond & Mark Green comes 10 tales of twisted horror.A cooking show where the menu is to DIE for. A woman pushed into performing depraved acts to fuel her habit. A case of mistaken intention that ends in bloodshed. A man who wants his birthday to go with a bang.These are just a few of the stories that fester inside.10 stories of murder, madness, things that go squelch in the night... and a squirrel.

Medley of the Macabre is available on Amazon on kindle paperback.

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232 Jericho Avenue By Lee Richmond.

Kerry Jones and her boyfriend Lester have been planning their final burglary on the promise of a huge payday. Their target, an elderly couple who stash their wealth throughout their home.With Lester’s unhinged brother, Tyler, and two of his associates, they set their plan in motion.What should have been a simple cash grab unravels into a nightmare. The old couple are not what they seem, and their intruders have willingly entered a world that nothing could have prepared them for.

232 Jericho Avenue is available on Amazon on kindle and paperback.

To buy a copy of 232 Jericho Avenue click here: