Love Potion #666 - by Nathan D. Ludwig Book review.

Updated: May 28

Cover by Don Noble

I must admit, I am crap at the whole social media thing. That’s not great when I should be promoting my reviews and writing, but it is something that tends to slip away from me amongst all the other things I have to do during a regular day. I mention it because, on one of the rare occasions I remembered to be nosey at what everyone else was up to, I happened to spot a tweet from Nathan Ludwig, who was looking for people to review his debut novel. As someone who reads a lot, enjoys finding new authors, and, admittedly, enjoys getting free stuff - I did the equivalent of sticking my arm in the air so high it nearly dislocates; whilst chanting, “Me, me. Pick me. Pick me.”

Luckily, it worked. Nathan messaged me back, and Dawn Shea from D&T Publishing sent me a copy for review.

The point I am trying to make with all of this preamble is that I was given an ebook copy of Love Potion #666 to review. It’s something I need to inform you about, just in case you think that having received a free copy for review may have influenced my opinion. It hasn't obviously, I can on occasion act professionally, but it's something you should be aware of.

So, with Love Potion Number 9 by The Searchers playing in the background (followed by the cover by Tygers of Pan Tang) I dove in.

First of all, let me hit you with a bit of the official blurb:


The hatred and jealousy that has festered for years between a mother and her daughter will kill every man they've ever loved. And raise them back from the dead!

Leanna Forsythe is a sociopathic sexpot fresh out of prison and ready to dish out some bloody payback. Her ex-lover and her mother plotted to send her to the big house so they could be together. Now, with Mom away in Haiti on some mumbo jumbo vision quest, Leanna and her meathead boyfriend Mikey seize the perfect opportunity to get back at mommy dearest…

I’m going to get down to the nitty-gritty without any preamble or clumsy foreplay: I enjoyed Love Potion #666.

My time reading it just flew by; I was so entertained by what was occurring. The characters are all likeable - no wait - that’s not exactly right as some are complete psychotics. For example, Leanna is so focused on revenge that she does not care how many people get hurt or die along the way. Usually, you tend to get behind the vengeful protagonist in a tale of revenge. Their vengeance is focused on those who wronged them, and you find yourself empathising with them and their cause. Not so with Leanna. In her case, the reader is dragged along, much like her boyfriend Mikey. Leanna has him by the balls, and her grip on his tender sac isn’t going to be relinquished as he (often reluctantly) joins her in her crazy escapades. Mikey wants to settle down with Leanna, and make the best God-damn porno movies the world has ever seen. And whilst that suggestion does hold a certain appeal for Leanna, her primary concern is fucking over mummy-dearest and getting a huge amount of cash from the titular love potion. 

And what a love potion it is too.

Although, it is a love potion by name only. The recipient of a dose of the purple powder doesn’t fall in love so much as slam crotch first into lust. Share this stuff with a bunch of folks, and you will be involved in a hedonistic fuck-fest of such potent frenzy that you had better hope the family pets aren’t in the room. All inhibitions are erased, and everyone will do anything and everything with each other. Repeatedly.

It’s just a shame about the side effects, which I'm not going to spoil.

All of this and I haven’t yet mentioned Leanna’s mum, Teena.

Teena is a counterbalance to the gonzo shenanigans of her daughter. She is calm and focused, and if it wasn’t for the voodoo and the zombies, her chapters would be a lot more grounded by comparison.

Yes, that’s right - zombies.

But don’t let that make you roll your eyes and mutter, ‘not bloody zombies again.’ Because they are not the main focal point of the story. They are incidental. A by-product of the characters and story. A bit like the ones in Phantasm 3, only quieter and nowhere near as intrusive or annoying.

Something that Nathan has crafted with his writing, is a different feel to the chapters. Leanna’s are a lot grimier, angrier, and certainly more inventive with the similes. They are the grindhouse movie to Teena’s more mainstream horror flick.

And, speaking of horror movies - there were quite a few references thrown in throughout. It could be one character referring to another as Yaphet Koto. Or, it could be a moment toward the end which reminded me of the custard-eating-vicar-zombie-scene from Bad Taste.

Nathan’s love of horror and genre flicks in various forms is evident. Especially once I had finished the story and discovered he had included a list of movies that had inspired him. More so when the list contained one that I had not only forgotten about but have not watched yet. So, naturally, I am going to be tracking down 2LDK once I finish this review.

There were only a few things that I did not like about Love Potion #666, and there is a possibility it is due to my memory rather than anything else. But, I initially found myself checking back to see which character was which out of Leanna and Teena. It could be the similar letters in the names, or it could also be that I had put Teena as the daughter, simply due to the spelling of her name. Teena, rather than Tina, just made me think it was someone younger.

It happened later on with other characters. During a scene which included nearly everybody, I found myself occasionally having to stop and search my old brain (or look back to previous chapters) to remind me who some of the characters were.

But, as I said, some of that could be down to my senility.

The story skirts with extreme fiction - actually, it does more than skirt; it slides a hand up its thigh, slips a finger inside its underwear, and strokes at whatever it is packing.

Not only is the story well written and entertaining, but I get the impression that Author Nathan D Ludwig, is a pretty nice chap too.

I’m one of those people who will read the foreword, including any other additional bits of information outside of the story an author chooses to throw in, and it was something I enjoyed reading.

It was interesting, and Nathan seems like someone you would like to hang with and chat about movies and horror. Even if very cautiously because he has watched A Serbian Film twice. And you could argue that is two times too many.

Even I only manage it once.

I must admit I did wonder, at that point, ‘what the fuck am I letting myself in for with this book?’

But, what all of my waffle ultimately boils down to is that Love Potion #666 comes highly recommended.

If you have a love of horror and grindhouse movies. If you enjoy revenge flicks and Asian cinema, and if you enjoy a book that taps into those things, with fast-paced action and dialogue that still manages to have an interesting, well-written plot and characters, then Love Potion #666 is something that needs to be on your radar.

I mentioned at the start that I received it as a free advance copy, but that isn't going to stop me from purchasing it so that I can have a physical version to proudly place on my shelf.

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