Jingle Hells. A ReelHorrorShow Publications, New Release.

Jingle Hells by Lee Richmond & Mark M J Green

“Now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho.” That has nothing to do with this article. I just like quoting Die Hard.

The silly season is almost upon us, and after the year that we, the citizens of planet earth, have had, it’s safe to say we need a little Christmas cheer.

Well, you good boys and girls are in for a treat. ReelHorrorShow Publications have emptied our sack and have just the thing for all you horror fans, this Yuletide.

For those who enjoy their festive stories dark and gruesome, look no further. Jingle Hells is the book for you.

So, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and deck the halls with blood-soaked holly.

Horror writers, Lee Richmond and Mark M J Green (Medley of the Macabre) bring you two tales of festive frights.

Driving Home for Christmas–Lee Richmond.

Gary Holbrook is driving home to his family on Christmas Eve when he witnesses something crash into the woods.

Gary, channelling the bravado of his hero, David Hasselhoff, decides to investigate.

What Gary discovers is a scene straight out of a Christmas card from Hell.

Can Gary survive the night, or will this (as George Michael once sang) be his last Christmas?

Driving Home for Christmas is a comedy/horror story in the vein of Evil Dead, but with a seasonal twist.

Do You Hear What I Hear–Mark M J Green.

Albert was looking forward to a few pre-Christmas drinks in his local pub with his best friend, Mick.

But a grisly discovery in the snow leads to a fight for survival as the pub comes under siege from nightmarish beasts.

Trapped, cut off from the outside world and with a storm raging, can they survive the night?

Imagine Shaun of the Dead, The Thing and The Mist thrown into a blender and you're halfway there.

Jingle Hells is available on Kindle and Paperback, now. Hit the links below to purchase it from your preferred vendor:



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232 Jericho Avenue is a gore-soaked, home invasion horror story with a demonic twist.

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Medley of the Macabre by Lee Richmond & Mark M J Green.

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A cooking show where the menu is to DIE for. A woman pushed into performing depraved acts to fuel her habit. A case of mistaken intention that ends in bloodshed. A man who wants his birthday to go with a bang.

These are just a few of the stories that fester inside.

10 stories of murder, madness, things that go squelch in the night... and a squirrel.

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Harpy by Lee Richmond.

Elizabeth is a vampire. For centuries, she and her two sisters have remained obedient to their unscrupulous master. When the Count ships off to London, leaving his brides to fend for themselves, Elizabeth must learn to become a hunter to protect their survival. A task made all the more challenging by her impulsive sister, Florina, whose destructive tendencies could get them killed. Harpy is a classic tale, retold from the perspective of a lesser character. Issue one of four.

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Beneath by Lee Richmond.

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