I Should've Been Nicer To Quentin Tarantino - By Kathleen Kinmont. (2020).

A couple of months ago, reelhorrorshow had the pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Kinmont of Halloween 4, fame. The fanboy smile that that experience brought still hasn’t left our stupid faces.

I figured that I could read her recently released book, ‘I Should’ve been nicer to Quentin Tarantino’ and then tie the interview in with a book review. Sadly, life got in the way and for one reason or another, it took me longer than I had hoped to finish the book.

Well, I’m happy to say that I finally found the time to finish it this week. So, how was it, I hear you ask?

I have read precisely three autobiographies in my lifetime, not including this one. It’s just not something that I particularly enjoy. I read Jackie Chan’s autobiography, and I liked that, as I’m a huge Chan fan. I read Robert Englund’s book while laying on a beach in the Caribbean, again, because I’m a fan. And, finally, I read Chevy Chase’s, because… You get the picture.

Two things attracted me to this book. One being that I have been a fan of Ms Kinmont’s since having first seen her in Halloween 4 and Bride of Re-Animator, many moons ago. Secondly, I was sucked in by the title. I needed to know what she had done to appear unpleasant to one of the greatest directors of my generation. I’m not going to tell you. Read the book and find out…

It became apparent, while communicating back and forth to complete the interview, that Kathleen Kinmont is sweet and funny in equal measures. What makes ISHBNTQT such an enjoyable read is the author’s ability to poke fun at herself. It’s refreshing to read an autobiography from a film star who isn’t afraid to chronicle some of the more absurd or embarrassing situations that they found themselves in. I mean, can you honestly imagine Angelina Jolie detailing in her memoirs about a first kiss that resulted in a fart? I think not.

The book’s format is what helps it stand out from all other autobiographies. Instead of the usual, ‘back in 1987, I was cast as so-and-so, in blah blah movie,’ the book serves more as a series of life lessons. Each chapter culminates in an ‘epic fail,’ ‘epic save’ and ‘lesson learned.’ It’s a neat twist that really adds something new to the formula.

The chapters come with titles relating to different subjects that affect us all at some point in our lives. For example, ‘love,’ ‘divorce,’ ‘jealousy,’ ‘dating,’ ‘children’ and so on. Stuff we can all relate to.

We all, throughout the course of our lives, pick up a certain amount of baggage. Some of us learn to deal with it. Some of us learn important lessons from it. And some of us have breakdowns and don’t deal at all. Kathleen is a learner. Every chapter, whether it be an embarrassing situation, a heart-breaking situation or a funny anecdote serves as a lesson in how to cope with things should they arise again. What doesn’t kill you, and all that.

I personally, can be incredibly cynical. I’m not the most trusting of people. I’m not the most forgiving of people, and I deal with harsh blows by withdrawing into myself. Reading this book makes me want to do better. To try harder to find positives where I would usually take away a negative. I found Kathleen’s attitude towards life and how to suffer the slings and arrows that life fires your way to be inspiring and uplifting. I’m pretty sure that I’m doomed to be a fairly gloomy, miserable bastard, but who knows. I’m inspired to do better, and if that was the purpose of this book, then it succeeds.

Overall, I should’ve Been Nicer To Quentin Tarantino is an insightful, witty, compelling look at the life of a star of film and television. A star who has won a few and lost a few. It’s a journal of contentment as much as it is of regret. After all, we can’t always come out on top. Show me a person who excels in all aspects of life and I’ll show you a liar.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with even the slightest interest in Kathleen’s career. Or, for that matter, for anyone who feels that they may benefit from an insight in how to take the best from even the bleakest of situations.

I Should’ve Been Nicer To Quentin Tarantino is equal part Autobiography and Self-Help Book with moments of comedy and tragedy thrown in for good measure.

I look forward to hopefully, one day getting to meet Kathleen in person, should she come over to this side of the pond for a convention.

Meanwhile, for those who missed it. You can find our interview With Kathleen Kinmont by slapping the link below: