I See You - Movie News & Trailer

Director: Adam Randall

Writer: Devon Graye

Starring: Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Judah Lewis, Owen Teague, Libe Barer, Gregory Alan Williams, Allison King & Riley Cava.

I See You is about a missing 12-year-old boy named Justin (Riley Caya) and lead investigator Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) who struggles to find the balance between working the investigation and the troubles he’s having at home. Things haven’t been going well between Gregg and his wife Jackie (Helen Hunt), thanks to one of them having an affair and it seems as though Jackie is starting to lose her grip on what’s real and what isn’t. Justin isn’t the only child to have gone missing either and with strange things occurring in their family home, it appears their son, Connor (Judah Lewis), may also be in danger.

When I initially say the poster for I See You, with its strange face, that resembles a kappa from Japanese folklore, peering out of the darkness, I had my reservations about it looking perhaps a bit too silly to be successfully creepy. Upon having watched the trailer, however, it’s looking very interesting and that mask doesn’t look as daft as I thought it would, once seen on screen.

Director Adam Randall brought us iBoy in 2017 and writer Devon Graye is probably better known for his work in front of the camera where he played the teenage version of Dexter, in the hit series of the same name. In fact, I See You, appears to be his first feature writing credit, so it will definitely be interesting to see how the final film pans out.

The movie is being distributed in the US by Saban Films who have also been involved in distributing features such as Siberia, that starred Keanu Reeves and more recently, Rob Zombie’s, 3 From Hell.

Due for release soon on December 6th, I See You has been hitting festivals since March and has been getting mixed reviews with some praising the supposed unique and meticulous way in which the story has been crafted and others complaining about how they found it convoluted and confusing.

It sounds like it will be quite a divisive movie, but we’re still looking forward to seeing what it delivers when it’s released.

We’re intrigued by this title, we just hope that it doesn’t leave us baffled and confused by the time it reaches its conclusion.

Until then, here’s the trailer: