Grimmfest 2020 - Festival News.

Grimmfest, Manchester’s International Film Festival will be happening again next year, so clear out your calendar from 7th – 11th of October 2020.

The 2019 festival included such films as Tales From the Lodge, Satanic Panic, Artik, Rabid & Little Monsters all of which we’ve reviewed here on the site. There were plenty of other films on show and also Q&A sessions and short films.

In addition, there’s already been a guest announced for next year in the form of Mick Garris.

Mick has so many credits under his belt that it would be almost impossible to list them all here, but they include his work on various behind the scenes/making of documentaries as well being the creative force behind series such as Masters of Horror, Fear Itself & Post Mortem.

Mick will be sharing insights from his career as well as receiving a Grimmfest Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tickets are available now, and if you’re really quick, they are currently on sale for Black Friday.

You can find the link to the official announcement here, which also include a link to the early bird passes for the event: