Follow Him by Craig Stewart - Book review.

Not long before he was due to get married to Nina, the love of his life; Jacob left his home in the fairly quiet town of Dreury to join a cult known as The Shared Heart. The cult seems to attract, or perhaps lure, those that are suffering, despondent and broken.

Maybe because it is seeking to help them, or maybe because they are easy prey?

They are a cult though, so you can probably guess quite accurately whether their intentions are altruistic or self-serving.

During his time at the cult, Jacob seems to be fairly content and at peace, but the fact that he and some of the other members spend their time digging holes that are around the right dimensions for a body (or bodies) to fit into, doesn’t seem to overly concern them.

Other things raise red flags for the reader too.

Things like the fact that their beliefs seem to have a predilection towards large horned beasts that certain chosen members get to witness whilst on a strange drug-infused trip. There’s also the mysterious cult leader known as The Great Collector, a man hidden away from prying eyes, only to be occasionally seen hidden in the shadow of his robes. A man with rather unusual eating habits when it comes to the member’s transition after their drug-fuelled visions. member being the apt word there.

Oh, and the members give up their real names and are simply referred to as Dregs.

But the definition of the word dreg is something that is a worthless remnant. A residual unwanted leftover.

That can’t be good right?

During Jacob’s hiatus to the Shared Heart though, Nina hasn’t just been moping around doing nothing. She’s been tracking Jacob down and planning on how to rescue/kidnap him from the cult and try to deprogram him and bring back the man she fell in love with.

But can she do it on her own or has he been too deeply indoctrinated and what happens when The Great Collector and his followers find out Jacob is missing?

Follow Him is Craig Stewart’s second novel after his first title, Worship Me. I wasn’t familiar with Craig’s work until I received a review copy of Follow Him, at which point I looked him up and found out that I actually owned Worship Me.

Turns out it was something I’d picked up on Bookbub and had completely forgotten about. As often happens due to the amount I pick up and my age-stunted brain cells.

Now that I’ve finally read Follow Him, it’s safe to say that I shall be finding the time at some point to also read Worship Me because I really enjoyed Follow Him.

Admittedly, it did take me a few chapters to get used to Craig’s style, which I initially found to be a bit too heavy on metaphors, similes and pathetic fallacies, but I soon got used to it as my brain adapted to his writing style.

Other than that, I have no real complaints with Follow Him.

The story was interesting and well written with three-dimensional characters that felt real. The characters all had their own plausible reasons for wanting to leave their lives behind and join The Shared Heart.

The story moved along at a good pace with enough slowly being revealed about not just Nina and Jacob but also the other characters and the motivation of the cult itself.

I’m not going to discuss anything else regarding the plot as I don’t want to give anything away.

If you want to find out if the cult’s beliefs were on the money, or if they were just a bunch of delusional nutjobs, than you’ll need to read the book to find out – or read a spoiler review I guess, but I prefer the mystery of not knowing.

I’m certainly looking forward to reading more of Craig Stewart’s work, not just by catching up on Worship him either, but by also reading whatever he writes next.

Follow Him is a highly enjoyable title with enough mystery, violence and heart, to keep most readers entertained.

And it does have heart because it is also a love story about Nina’s quest to bring Jacob back, but like it says in the synopsis; True love doesn't die - it devours.

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