Death to Metal - News & Trailer

Director: Tim Connery

Writers: Tim Connery & Kevin Koppes

Starring: Grace Melon, Dan Flannery, Alex Stein & Andrew Jessop.

It seems that horror and heavy metal pretty much go hand in hand. Go to any convention and there will be almost as many people wearing band t-shirts as there are film t-shirts.

In fact, it was horror that got me listening to metal for the first time when I was a little boy.

Picture the scene.

There’s me, fresh-faced and still with a full head of hair.

No beard and not overweight.

I had pocket money to spend and wandered into that ancient land of Woolworths. Rather than buying a toy of some description though, I wandered over to the racks of cassette tapes and whilst idly scanning the covers, something caught my eye.

I t was a cover that showed an emaciated zombie-like figure glaring out at me and the band name emblazoned across the top in bright red letters was that of a supposed torture device. I had no idea what it was about, but the horror fan in me was drawn towards it.

So I grabbed a copy, went to the counter, handed over my coins and then headed home to spend the rest of the day listening to this band called Iron Maiden.

I was hooked. My love of metal was born from my love of horror.

So when I heard about a little horror flick called Death to Metal, I was immediately intrigued.

Death to Metal is about band frontman Zane (Alex Stein), who is having a shitty day after having not only been dumped by his girlfriend but also fired from his band. If things weren’t bad enough, anti-metal hate preacher Father Kilborn (Andrew Jessop) has also been fired due to complaints about what he’s saying in his sermons.

Out of luck and all out of fucks, it’s fair to say that Father Kilborn doesn’t handle being fired very well. This Holy Diver ends up in a freak chemical accident is transformed after his brief Toxic Waltz and emerges from Beneath the Remains to find as many metal fans as he can and Kill ‘em All.

Screaming for Vengeance, he discovers a Pleasure to Kill as he Walks Among the Living filled with Extreme Aggression.

Ok. I’ll stop trying to use album titles in the article now.

There’s no official release date yet, but the movie is doing the festival rounds at the moment and judging by the trailer, it looks like great fun. Filled with lashing of ‘80s style carnage with a slight Troma feel to it, Death to Metal is looking like a must see for us. It might be low budget, but here at we love low budget horror and the creativeness that can emerge from within the budgetary constraints.

You can tell that this is a labour of love that was made not only by horror fans but also by metal fans and I for one, can’t wait to see it.

Here’s a link for the trailer so you can get a glimpse of Father Kilborn’s Vulgar Display of Power: