Changes To The Website - reelhorrorshow

Hello Kiddies.

We are currently looking to expand So if you create content with a horror theme, be it writing, art, make-up, video game or your own line of horror-themed garden gnomes, we want to hear from you.

We are more than happy to feature your content on the site to help you promote your work.

Just contact us at

In addition. if you would like to contribute a review or article to the site, please let us know. You will need to have a good understanding of grammar and the English language but you will, of course, be credited for your work.

We can't pay you - we don't currently earn anything from this - but we can try and help you get your name out there and promote your content.

Also, we have added a Patreon button to the site. We run this website as a full time job and unfortunately it doesn't pay a full time wage. is a passion project and we strive to deliver regular, fresh, interesting content to tickle the interest gland of any horror fan. If you enjoy this site and would like to donate so that we can make this something special then please, hit the Patreon button to contribute. We will be starting a reward scheme for all who donate. Details of this will be announced soon.

Thank you to all who support this site. We love you all and we are always open to suggestions and contributions on how to make the website a more enjoyable experience for our readers.