Attack of the Adult Babies - Heist at Autonepiophiliac Mansion.

Director: Dominic Brunt. Story: Joanne Mitchell. Starring: Kurtis Lowe, Andrew Dunn, Kate Coogan, Mica Proctor, Nicky Evans, Samantha Daniels, Charlie Chuck & Joanne Mitchell.

It’s just an ordinary day in rural Yorkshire. The family have gathered around, playing a game of Bing Bong, and it seems as though Tim has been jacking off into his step-sister’s underwear. This blissful family moment becomes shattered when two gun-wielding, slightly incompetent gangsters barge in and take the family hostage. Soon mum, Tim and step-sister Kim are sent off to retrieve a box labelled Administration B from a large manor house. Failure to comply will result in dad, George getting shot.

What the group of impromptu thieves don’t know is the building is home to sexy PVC clad nurses who are attending to a group of adult babies. And, if that wasn’t bizarre enough, there is something in the milk that changes those that drink it. The milk comes from Sterculius, an ancient being which those in power have been feeding in return for wealth.

Attack of the Adult Babies is the third feature from Dominic Brunt, who British audiences are most likely to recognise from his long-running stint in TV soap opera Emmerdale. Annoyingly on my part, it’s the first movie of his that I’ve watched. I have vague memories of hearing about his first film, Before Dawn. I’d heard about this zombie flick set in Yorkshire, and I had visions of a shepherd using his sheepdog to round up zombies and herd them into a pen. Unfortunately, I never managed to watch Before Dawn and forgot all about it - something I am going to correct in the future - until I stumbled upon Attack of the Adult Babies on Amazon.

As most people who know me can attest, I am not passing up on watching a film with such a bizarro title. I do remember hearing about the film when it was due to be released; I think it was the inclusion of Laurence R Harvey (Human Centipede 2nd Sequence) in the cast that got me interested. So, to get to the point, I rented it and finally got to enjoy it in all of its gory glory.

The movie is daft, but it is also fun, which is exactly what I was hoping to experience. It took the ridiculous and ran with it whilst also having a political subtext in the story that never felt forced upon the viewer. The good thing with the political side was that it will most likely feel relevant whatever year you watch the movie - which is quite depressing when you think about it, but as the well-known quote says, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” No more is that evident than here as the rich pigs are embodied very literally.

As I said, the political side, whilst present, doesn’t feel forced upon the viewer as we get to enjoy bumbling gangsters, scat humour, sexy nurses, and some impressive gore effects.

My main complaint with the movie would be that some scenes dragged on just a bit too much. George trying to start his motorcycle worked well and made me chuckle, although that could have been because the last motorised two-wheeled conveyance I drove was an old Puch Maxi, and I could feel his pain. But, the intermission scene, for example, was funny at first, until you realise that it just goes on … and on, and the humour becomes tedium.

Luckily the good outweighs the bad, and there were plenty of surprise moments in the movie. I already knew that Laurence R Harvey was in the cast, but I hadn’t realised that Andrew Dunn (who played George) was also present. He’s an actor that will be recognisable to most British viewers from numerous TV roles. Another surprise was the inclusion of Charlie Chuck, who I haven’t seen since his Reeves and Mortimer Days. Best of all, though, was an animated claymation sequence by none other than Lee Hardcastle. Lee is probably best known for his Thingu short (a mixture of Pingu and The Thing) and, T is for Toilet from the ABC’s of Death. Check out his youtube channel for more great claymation videos.

Attack of the Adult Babies is very British, not just in its cast, but in its irreverence too. If you love low budget flicks that don’t take themselves seriously, then this is well worth watching. It is missing that spark that would earn it a higher rating, but don’t let that put you off as there is still a fair amount of fun to be found within. Even if the political, piggy related happenings reminded me that we had a Prime Minister who allegedly stuck his cock in a dead pigs mouth.

Apart from that, I had fun and will be checking out more of Dominic Brunt’s work in the future. Well, apart from the soap opera stuff, which isn’t my thing. Unless; he convinces the producers to let him direct a zombie-themed Halloween episode that stars the Dingles as cannibals in a Yorkshire equivalent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Thornton Agricultural Slaughter perhaps?

Attack of the Adult Babies may not rock your world or be among the top-tier of low budget flicks, but it’s fun, and that should be more than enough of a recommendation.

Attack of the Adult Babies is available on amazon prime and you can find it here