Alone - News and trailer

Director: Johnny Martin

Writer: Matt Naylor

Stars: Donald Sutherland, Tyler Posey, Summer Spiro Robert Ri'chard, Eric Etebari & John Posey

When a global outbreak hits, Aiden (Tyler Posey) barricades himself in his apartment. With the world falling apart Aiden is forced to ration his food to try and stay alive for as long as possible. But with the zombie-like “Screamers” having overrun the apartment complex where he's hiding, survival might not be that easy. Alone and afraid Aiden must do everything he can to ensure his survival.

After spending weeks alone and having to deal with the psychological problems as well as avoiding the attentions of the screamers, Aiden discovers that there are others alive in the complex, but can he get to them and can they escape to safety?

Although the premise of the movie seems similar to that of French flick, Night Eats the World, Alone looks to be going in its own direction and of course, Donald Sutherland is in it. the trailer looks good and this is one that we so I’m certainly looking forward to checking out once it's released.

The stunts are looking impressive too with all the leaping about and bodies falling through the air, but that’s not surprising really considering that director Johnny Martin has been doing stunts in movies since the ‘70s and has also worked as a stunt coordinator on numerous films too.

He also directed the Al Pacino/Karl Urban movie Hangman and the 2018 horror flick, Delirium.

Alone is currently in post-production and is due for a release sometime in 2020. There is no news as of yet on a distributor or an actual release date, but as soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer: