A Saw Movie & TV Show? That's A Lot Of Blood Spillage. We'll Get Our Mop.

It has been two years since our last torture porn fix with 2017’s Jigsaw being a lackluster swan-song to a series that defined the noughties. We hate the term torture porn here at reelhorrorshow. It’s lazy and cheesy and personally I prefer Gorno. That isn't at all cheesy...

Well, Saw fans rejoice because on top of the (frankly wacky) news that the series returns next year with Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson giving the franchise a reboot up the jacksie, it seems a Saw TV show could be in the works too.

If rumours are to be believed, the rebooted film series and the television show will exist in the same universe and somehow cross over.

Not much is known about the movie reboot yet other than Darren Lynn Bousman is returning to direct, based on a story by Rock and that it has been produced under the title of The Organ Donor.

It’s easy to balk at the idea of Chris Rock having a hand in bringing Saw back to our screens but try to remember that it was Danny McBride that gave us Michael Myers back in 2018 and that film was a huge success. I guess dick jokes will only carry you so far.

Will Tobin Bell return to the role of Jigsaw? So far, IMDB says no. He isn’t listed anywhere among the cast, but this could change as more is revealed.

I see no reason why Saw wouldn’t work as a television show. It would be an ideal opportunity to flesh out characters before offering them up as lambs to the slaughter. The latter films have been guilty of dispatching people with no character development so it would make more of an impact to have a character that we have grown to care about, fighting to escape a gruesome trap.

Saw is released in cinema’s May 15th 2020 by Lionsgate. There is no information on a release date for the show as of yetor any other juicy titbits, but we will keep you posted as more is revealed.

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