A Quiet Place: Part 2 - Teaser Trailer Drops..., Quietly.

A Quiet Place came out of nowhere last year to become my favourite film of the year. What made it so special wasn’t just the fact that it was an exceptionally well made and tense movie, but more down to the experience I had while seeing it in a theatre. I had never known a cinema audience to be so deathly quiet. Nobody made a peep. Usually if you want to see a film at the cinema, you have to endure noisy popcorn rustling or some jerk-off who thinks it’s clever to chat to their mate during the entire time. Either that or there is always someone who sounds like they have a bad case of tuberculosis. Not that there is such a thing as a good case of tuberculosis.

Who would have thought that Jim from The Office could deliver such an intense, original horror movie? There were genuinely times where I realised that I had forgotten to breathe. The bathtub birth scene is one such example.

Well, for those like me who loved the first movie, a sequel is on its way. And for those who hated the first movie. A sequel is on its way. However you feel about it, I win.

A teaser trailer has dropped, and it doesn’t give much away. From what I can make out, it would appear that the movie takes place not long after the exploits of the first film. What brings me to this conclusion is the still bandaged foot of Emily Blunt’s character. It, having met with a particularly nasty nail in the previous movie.

There isn’t much more to tell so far. John Krasinski is directing once again but won’t be returning to star in the film as he was monster lunch last time round. 28 Days Later star, Cillian Murphy joins the cast, but little is known about his character as yet.

A Quiet Place: Part 2 hits cinemas next year and you can view the teaser trailer below. Excited or indifferent? Let us know in the comments section below.